Ayesha Khan & Hamza Ali Abbasi… What’s cooking???

Ayesha Khan has a long journey in the field of showbiz and she is the most liked and loved actress of the Pakistan Drama Industry. Ayesha has been the famous most actresses and she definitely deserves all the fame and love, she has got. When a person becomes this much successful and famous, fans and lovers want to know more and more about that person. The life of a celebrity remains no more private and it moreover becomes the social issue or the public business. Well, not all the celebrities want their lives to be discussed openly and publicly. The fact is that in the process of knowing about the favorite celebrities and stars, people become annoying and irritating. Ayesha Khan has always been a reserved person and she likes to keep her life a private issue and she doesn’t want to make it a place where everyone can visit. It is said about Ayesha Khan that she gets hyper and tempered whenever she is asked questions about her personal life. Ayesha Khan says that off course that is true because people try to poke into others’ life for simply no reason and they do it for their pleasure only. Ayesha Khan thinks that there should always be a thin line drawn between the personal and professional life of a person. It is everyone’s own right to spend their lives on their own values and however they want so she has a good point of view. Ayesha is an independent lady who knows how to take stand for her life.

It would not be so wrong if we say that Ayesha Khan has been greatly associated to scandals and controversies since the start of her career. Many times, she has been scandalized in love affairs with some famous actors and Humayun Saeed is on the top of the list. Humayun is considered as the best actor or simply the hero of the Pakistani drama Industry and now the film industry as well. Ayesha made her drama debut with Humayun Saeed who was the top actor at that time and everyone wished to work with him. After that, they are seen together in many famous Pakistani dramas up till now. It has been a big controversy that Humayun Saeed and Ayesha Khan got married, or they have been in a serious love affair where they were really close to each other. Many of their pictures have also been leaked out showing up their closeness. But the fact is that both of the actors have always seriously condemned this affair news and have always justified that it is fake news. Ayesha Khan openly speaks up on the matter and says that even Humayun Saeed’s wife Sameena Saeed is much closer so Ayesha Khan and they are even better friends than she and Humayun. They have got good family terms so how can she marry Humayun. They are definitely great friends who support each other but they have no love sequel. Not only that, some people also think that Ayesha Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi have something between them as Ayesha thinks and says that Hamza is the most Handsome Pakistani actor. But again they are great friends and nothing serious has come up.

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