Pioneer of Glamour in showbiz industry

Ayesha Khan has got the perfect sense of dressing, makeup and she chooses to wear whatever suits the best. Ayesha Khan’s makeup, hairstyle, dress and style, everything is always perfect and according to the event, she is attending. Ayesha Khan has recently been the judge of a big reality show of Pakistan that is “Miss Veet Pakistan 2016”. The show is based on to find out a girl with all the guts, a girl who is perfect as a model, as an actress and she can be the Fashion Icon as well. Ayesha is one of the three judges; all three are the best Fashion related personalities of Pakistan. Ayesha is taken as one of the judges of such a big reality show because of the fact that Ayesha is simply perfect as an actress, she looks so pretty in all her TV appearances, she is hot on the ramp and she is seducing in the photo shoots. She is a one name who has got all the qualities. Ayesha is now considered as the Top Most Fashion Icon and she has got the most experience in the showbiz Industry.

Ayesha knows what to wear where and what makeup and lipstick shade would go best with what color. If we take a look at the drama appearances of Ayesha Khan, she always makes the people feel that she is one of the most updated actresses who wear the best type of everything. Ayesha Khan has tried everything in her dramas. She wears what is the latest fashion and her makeup always adds beauty to her personality. She has never been in the list of those celebrities who wore the worst get up in any event rather she is the point of focus every time as she seduces with her lustrous personality. Ayesha was extremely smart at the start of her and now she has a bit chubby and healthy figure. Some people say that she has put on weight and become fat somehow. But she is still perfect and her body type and physique really suits her. She is simply perfect the way she is because it is always all about how one carries oneself. Ayesha knows how to carry herself in whatever she wears. There are many events in which she dressed up in a way that she was considered in the list of the best dressed and styled celebrities.

Ayesha simply dresses up so hot always and we have mostly noticed that Ayesha loves wearing light and dull tones dresses. Mostly we have seen Ayesha wearing red lipstick as it goes perfect with her personality also. If we look at Ayesha’s recent appearance in a reality show, she looked much prettier than all the other girls in almost every episode of the show. One thing is very obvious about Ayesha khan is that she is a bit conservative when it comes to her dressing. Ayesha always wears full dresses and what better covers her up. She avoids wearing sleeveless and nude dresses which show up her body. She is conservative in her dressing sense as compared to many other actresses because she comes off a very decent and dignified family, where values and morals are always given priority.

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