Ayesha Khan the most stylish icon of drama industry

Ayesha Khan is one of the gorgeous faces of our media industry. She is very decent and elegant girl. She knows how to carry herself. She is one of the finest faces of our media industry. She has normal height. Her height is 5 ft 5 inches. She has a very slim figure. She is considered as one of the finest and elegant characters of our media industry. She has all the attractive looks. She has a proper diet plan as well. She wakes up early in the morning to keep herself fit and fine. She visits gym on regularly basis as this is the basic need of hour. However busy she is, she never quit her exercise routine. She has a proper diet plan as well. She burns her calories with her workout. She is very soft spoken as well. She has a very good image on media. She is also very talkative. She loves to talk with her friends.

She has won number of awards due to her dressing and style. Her physique is very smart. Ayesha has a very simple hairstyle as well. She has black hair. She dyed her hair according to situation or the character he is playing. Ayesha has never looked odd as she follows the event he is attending and tries to dress her in proper way. She is an inspiration for all young girls who want to take some dressing sense as there cannot be any good example other than Ayesha. She loves to wear traditional shalwar qamiz as well. She once reveals that I feel myself most comfortable in shalwar qamis. She also loves to wear traditional Sindhi dress. Due to her attractive face and dressing sense she has also been declared as most stylish and simple woman by number of Magazines and this is a very big credit to herself as well. She describes being stylish in a way that a person should look simple as much as she can, as, attraction lies in simplicity.

Ayesha Khan has looked stylish in every way whatever she wears as she carries it in a superb way. Ayesha Khan has always produced from her dressing that she is not only an actress but a style icon to be follow by number of persons. Black color is Ayesha’s favorite and it suits on her very well. She believes that red color is the best to be worn on marriages. Ayesha Khan along with her Jawani Phir Nahin Aani co stars walked on ramp on FPW 15.She has stunned the audience with her beautiful dressing. She was looking extra hot in her golden platted outfit. She has always carried herself in a superb way. She weighs 58 Kg and this is a very ideal weight for someone who works in showbiz. She hasn’t been overweighed ever as she has always taken care of her diet. She looks every time keen to keep herself fit and healthy.

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