Neglected child of her parents

Ayesha Khan belongs to a very noble and educated family. Ayesha’s parents have been very supportive to her since the start of her career. Her parents were always strict on one matter and that was her education. A lot of people may not know many facts about Ayesha and one of them is that she is an obedient child of her parents. Ayesha Khan always gives priority to her parents and they are the most important people in her life. Ayesha’s parents are a well combination of discipline, morals and liberty. That is why, Ayesha has a well-balanced personality where she is totally independent and liberal and she gives full priority to the values and morals, she has been taught by her parents.

Ayesha Khan has been mostly brought up in Abu Dhabi and Canada. She had not lived permanently in Pakistan rather she used to come to Pakistan for very short stays. She has been mostly brought up and she got her education in Canada that is why she is an open minded and liberal girl who has learnt to be independent since a very young age. She is famous actress of Pakistan who is working for years but there is one movie “WAAR” that made Ayesha Khan a household name and every single person of Pakistan know her now. She is working in Industry for almost 13 years and we can simply say that Ayesha Khan has ruled in the Pakistani Industry in all these years on the basis of her constant hard work and determination. Every new talented actress made Ayesha much more enthusiastic and challenged to do something different and she does really not think any girl as her competitor rather she appreciates some of the new faces and adorns their work.

Ayesha Khan celebrates her birthday every year on 27th September and she was born in the year 1982 and that makes her 34 years old now but she still looks like 24 years old. Ayesha Khan was born in a Pakistani Muslim family and her family traits are from Lahore basically. Ayesha’s mother belongs to a Kashmiri descent and her father is a full Punjabi. Ayesha has lived most of her early life in Canada and she always used to come back to Pakistan for short visits and used to mostly stay up here in Lahore City. Ayesha Khan was in Pakistan for a very short stay and she was going to study Architecture studies in Canada when Shehzad Roy spotted her and offered her to work as a model. She accepted his offer but she went back and started her Architecture studies. She then used to live and study in Canada and then come back to Pakistan in her vacations and resume her work and showbiz career. Ayesha might have plans to settle herself in Canada but she moved to and stayed in Pakistan just for her career and she has made a right choice. Ayesha Khan is really attached to her mother and father and she says that she has never seen her parents fighting with each other in her whole life. And she is brought up in a very loving way, she has seen her mother and father both working and busy with their lives and that’s what helped her become an independent and successful lady.

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